Emery Berger

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Bibliophile, foodie, travel enthusiast, EU citizen, speaker of several Romance languages including Catalan, politics and international relations junkie.

Cristian Cadar

Imperial College London

Cycled coast-to-coast in England along the Hadrian Wall with my preschool children.

Cliff Click

Jeffrey S. Foster

Tufts University

One of my hobbies is making chocolates, and I've been known to order 75lbs (34kg) of chocolate at a time.

Laure Gonnord

UGA, Grenoble INP and LCIS

Clarinetist, arduino lover, pastry maker and twitter addict.

Stephen Kell

University of Kent

When in record shops, people always come up to me asking questions because they think I work there.

Milind Kulkarni

Purdue University

I am best known for a glorious second-place finish on Jeopardy.

Caterina Urban


I have never had a cup of coffee.

Julien Verlaguet


I can play foosball like a champ!