PLISS Speakers

Sophia Drossopoulou

Imperial College London

Dabbles in watercolouring and windsurfing; her ambition is not to be outrun by her eldest grandson. Still loves her Pony

Felienne Hermans

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Loves knitting and long-distance running. Join her doing both. Also owns a tortoise & stick insects but you won't see them.

Stefan Marr

University of Kent

Thinks that Belgian Chocolate is the best, even when faced with incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.

Manuel Serrano


Loves scaring himself to death climbing the countless nearby cliffs and mountains.

Michael Lippautz


Harvests walnuts in his garden, from 30m tall trees, right in the middle of a city.

Tony Hosking

Australian National University

Maintained Modula3 until the bitter end.

Phil Wadler

University of Edinburgh

Known for his appearances as Lambdaman and his standup comedy about computability theory.

Zhendong Su


Moved to Zurich in 2018 for the chocolate.

Workshop Speakers

Suresh Jagannathan

Purdue University

Loves the Alps and Frank Zappa.

Darius Blasband


Aside from compilers and all of that monkey business, he is an avid musician with three albums as a composer.

James Noble


His first Law of Software is: Good projects produce software. Bad projects produce methodologies.

Tobias Wrigstad

Uppsala University

Partly, and unapologetically, responsible for "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs: JavaScript Edition".

David Pichardie


A long time happy user of Coq and Abstract interpretation.