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The University Residential Centre of Bertinoro (Ce.U.B.) is active since 1994 and is located in the ancient town of Bertinoro located on the hilltop of the Romagna area, between the cities of Forlì and Cesena. The University Centre is unique in its location on the hilltop of Bertinoro which also offers stunning views. The address for Ce.U.B. is Frangipane 6, Bertinoro 47032.

Arrival/departure information:

Check-in will be held on May 9th from 09:00 onwards in Frangipane 4, Bertinoro 47032. Nearer the time, we will ask attendees for their flight information and arrange a shuttle bus from Bologna to Bertinoro that is convenient for the maximum number of people. Please note that we cannot guarantee that the shuttle bus will be able to pick you up, but we will let you know in advance if it cannot. Similarly, we will arrange a shuttle bus from Bertinoro to Bologna that leaves after lunch on May 15th – this will be arranged during the week of PLISS itself.


Bertinoro is situated halfway between Forlì and Cesena, 6 km away from SS9 (Via Emilia), immediately east from Forlimpopoli.

Below is an image of the most important locations at Bertinoro:


Driving from Bologna: take Forlì exit on A-14 highway and follow the signals for Cesena-Forlimpopoli-Bertinoro.
Driving from Rimini: take Cesena Nord exit on A-14 highway, then follow E45 street to Rome till Cesena Ovest exit. Turn right on SS9 (Via Emilia), towards Forlì-Bologna. Follow signals for Bertinoro.
GPS coordinates: Latitude: 44.148913 - Longitude: 12.132533


Take the Bologna-Rimini line and get off at Forlì or Cesena, followed by bus or taxi.
The Forlimpopoli-Bertinoro station is not recommended it has an infrequent service. Search for train times.

To reach the University Center

Taxi service: in front of train stations
Phone: +39 0543 31111 from Forlì - +39 0547 610710 from Cesena

Bus service:

Line nr.92 from Bus Point (close to the railway station), get off at Forlimpopoli and catch a second bus, line nr.121, towards Bertinoro.
Bus scheduling on the following web-site: http://www.startromagna.it/servizi/orari-e-percorsi


The closest airport to the University Center of Bertinoro is Bologna (BLQ), about 80 km away.
Otherwise Rimini Airport (RMN) is 40 km away from Bertinoro. Available for some European flights.

Contact number:

University Residential Center secretary office: +39 0543 446500 / +39 0543 446550


Additional information regarding Bertinoro can be found here.